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Sunday, March 27, 2005

The inverted rainbow colored Apple logo had great meaning when it was first launched. The rainbow color means that Apple invited all kinds of people to use their computers. The inverted rainbow represents the rebellion and rejection of the norm. And the bite of the apple symbolizes a bite of the forbidden fruit of knowledge. It was a great logo, not a nice looking one, but still a great logo. Then when Apple launched their supposed ‘saviour’ operating system, Mac OS X, Apple dropped the rainbow colored logo, and used a classier solid colored logo, hence dropping the great meaning behind the old rainbow logo. Yet Apple is now more successful than it has ever become. Apple as a brand today is more valuable that it was when it had the rainbow colored one. The solid colored logo is now more recognizable than the rainbow colored one.

I use to think that Logos are to represent a company’s beliefs. Logos are to have great meaning and a compelling story behind it. While designing the logo for Jump (my would be Design Studio), I tried injecting some kind of story and meaning in its image. However, when I heard about the Apple story, suddenly I didn’t see a reason to go fishing for descriptive words to attach to logos. I realize that telling a story is not a logo’s job.

A logo’s primary job is to catch the eye and get someone to look at the product behind the logo; To eventually serve as a stand-in for the products name (You see the swoosh, your mind says Nike; you see the searchlights, your mind says Fox. But the connection doesn’t have to be there from the outset, when O’Reilly first started using engravings for their covers, they said nothing about O’Reilly. But after years of seeing the covers next to the name the two have become linked—engravings on the covers == O’Reilly); To serve as free advertising (as in, “Hmmm I see that swoosh everywhere, maybe Nikes are worth trying out,” or “Damn, I’m seeing that flipping camel everywhere… maybe Perl is a good language to work in.”) Anything above those two jobs is pure gravy.

But designing a logo with the primary purpose of catching the eye just feels damn shallow. How can I create an icon for something I truly would want to work and grow, just be a pretty thing. Worst, what if people ask what the logo meant. “Oh.. I just designed it to look pretty on my business card.” Oh well, maybe I could design the logo first and then somehow create a story later.

Wan out.

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On my Own

Friday, March 25, 2005

You know you are a nerd when you can immediately recognize font types and sizes just by looking at them. Its scary. Today a medic partner of mine was clearly panicking cause he had to figure out what are the font specifications a certain folder label was using and he had to duplicate it for another folder.

“What’s wrong man. You are panicking again.” I asked

“I know that’s Times New Roman.” he said pointed to a some serif font label. “Now what font is that. I have no time to trial and error.”

“Man. That’s no Times New Roman. Its Garamond. Look at how the ‘O’ is wide and the lines are fine. And its size 14. That other font is Arial Italic. Size 12. Its not a ‘real’ Arial Italic though. A mere forced one.… “

I continued babbling about fonts for a good one minute before realizing my partner had a pained looked on his face. He always has that look when his brains is overloaded

“Okay do your stuff man.” I said, trying to save him from further damage. He did his stuff, came back and guess what. All of my my font guess were right! Scary. Impressive but scary.

Coffeebanana needs a little a makeover in the looks department. Me being a trendwhore and all, decided to follow the mass trend of simple-lots-of-white-space look. I like it! A preview:

I realize there is some grammatical errors in that preview, but Photoshop do not have a grammar check. ;-; Oooh yes those are pictures of me. XD~ Shut up. I was trying to be artistic okay.

Wan out

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